5 best family activities to do when camping at De Bakke Santos

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At De Bakke Santos we are all about family! Camping is the perfect time to bond with your relatives and spend precious time together. Here we have the top 5 best family activities to do while you are staying with us.

1. Beach

This one might seem a little obvious, but there is nothing like a fun family visit to the beach! The kids can splash in the ocean and build sandcastles, while the adults can get their tan on and maybe pick up that book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for months. De Bakke Santos has direct beach access to Santos Beach, one of the most popular beaches on the Garden Route. Nothing is stopping you, however, from beach-hopping. Visit the swimming holes at the Point – the tidal pools are great fun for adults and older kids. There is also a smaller tidal swimming pool which is ideal for younger children. Other nearby beaches to try out include Diaz, Hartenbos, and Wildernis.

2. Board Game Night

Nothing beats a good board game night for maximum entertainment and to test how strong the family bonds truly are. With the fire roaring to keep you cosy and to provide the perfect location for marshmallow braaiing, pull out a pack of playing cards for a game of Rummy or Sevens. An Uno set is sure to spark the fun and plenty of debates (let’s be real – every family has their own set of rules when it comes to Uno!). Monopoly is always a winner but be sure to set out enough time for the game, as well as the time you will need afterwards to broker the peace between your family members. Playing boardgames is great fun for the entire family and a great way to pass time if the weather isn’t great.

3. Diaz Water Park

If there’s one activity that always excites everyone, it’s a trip to the waterpark. Diaz Water Park is open in Spring, Summer, and Autumn and has multiple rides to choose from. The park works on a bundle system, which is perfect for smaller families to choose the best deal and larger families to split the cost, making it more affordable. Some of the rides offer beautiful views of the ocean and the bay, all while keeping your heart rate up.

4. Diaz Express Train

The Diaz Express Train is a fun rail experience for the whole family. It’s an exciting opportunity for the kids to ride on a train, while it offers gorgeous views of the Garden Route for the older folks. The departure point is in Hartenbos, with a variety of trips being available. The Breakfast excursion takes you to Glentana, while the Lunch excursion takes you over the Maalgate Bridge. Both of these trips stop in Groot Brakrivier for a meal. The Scenic Trip takes you to the Glentana viewpoint and stops for 30 minutes for a picnic.

5. Forest walks in Knysna

Although this might be a bit of a drive, we can promise you it’s worth it. The Garden Route is known for its incredible natural scenery, whether that be the ocean, the mountains, or the forests. In and around Knysna there are many family-friendly walks and hikes to enjoy. We recommend the Woodville Big Tree, an easy 2-kilometre circular route, and the Jubilee Creek walk, which is 3.6 kilometres out-and-back. The first 1.8 kilometres wanders through the forest, crosses two rivers, and ends at a small waterfall and pool – the perfect place to cool off and have a picnic.

We hope you enjoy these activities and make many happy memories with your loved ones while staying at De Bakke Santos. If you have any questions or other recommendations for family-friendly activities, please reach out to our friendly team who will be delighted to hear from you. Don’t forget to share and tag us in your favourite bonding moments.

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