Let’s go camping – The COVID Way!

Let’s go camping – the Covid way!
Holiday, rest, fresh air, sunshine, fun and nature is a fabulous way to keep your mind and body healthy. Keep to these guidelines, be safe and be responsible – then there is no need to cancel your holiday plans at De Bakke Santos.
  • Being informed and prepared is key, to have fun in the sun while still being responsible.
  • The obvious rules like wearing your mask and obliging to social distance regulations will be your most important armour.
  • Brief the family. And be clear about the rules. Sorry teens, no summer romances this year 😉
  • Make each camper an individual hygiene pack with their own soap, hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes and their own marked towel. Take this everywhere you go including the beach and especially the bathrooms. Use the wipes to sanitize toilet seats and taps or any touchpoints before using them.
  • Go prepared! Avoid going to the shops every day by making a list of what you need and stocking up in advance.
  • Prepare single-serving snack packs to avoid everyone sticking their hands in the same bowl and touching the same platter.
  • Choose activities away from big crowds like hiking, fishing, biking or going to a quiet spot on the beach.
  • Limit social interaction with people other than your immediate group. Avoid sports like beach volleyball – everyone is touching the same ball! Or contact sports like touch rugby.
  • Don’t share! Especially things that go near your face. Sunglasses, sun lotion, towels, cutlery, water bottles, glasses, beverages… You get the picture.
  • Respect the rules! De Bakke Santos management will brief you upon arrival on our regulations to ensure the safety of all our guests, please make sure you and your family adhere to these rules at all times!
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