6 Best Things To Do In and Around Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay is a quaint little harbour town located along the famous Garden Route in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. It is a significant tourist attraction and is known for its 60km stretch of golden beaches, boot-shaped post office, Mossel Bay Museum, and lots more. … Read More

Let’s go camping – The COVID Way!

Holiday, rest, fresh air, sunshine, fun and nature is a fabulous way to keep your mind and body healthy. Keep to these guidelines, be safe and be responsible – then there is no need to cancel your holiday plans at De Bakke Santos. … Read More

12 Benefits of Camping for Pensioners

Many people are looking forward to finally going on pension after slaving away for most of their lives. For others, the mere thought of retirement is overwhelming. It can be quite the transition going from working most of your life to suddenly not working and having all this free time to do whatever you want. … Read More