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MosJazz is a local South-African Jazz Festival held on the beach at De Bakke Santos Resort in Mossel Bay. The founder of the festival, Clarence Ford, a well-known radio personality in Cape Town, had a vision a Jazz Festival on the beach with waves lapping at the feet of the audience, and so MosJazz was born. 

Along with the development and promotion of the local arts and music industry, the event aims to attract tourists to the region, to create employment opportunities and to stimulate the local economy. MosJazz organisers, Camissa Solutions, have a celebrated track record of creating and executing cultural events in rural South Africa. This has seen tourism inflows, with a substantive economic impact on the host community.

There has been two MosJazz festivals in 2018 and 2019 and the third edition is set to attract record audiences this summer. 

Festival goers camp walking distance from the stage, which creates an amazing sense of community and camaraderie. 

Escape the rush of your everyday life to live, eat and enjoy the sound of lekker local Jazz (and the crushing waves).  


MosJazz festival, 28 November – 2 December 2019, 

Tickets are available from the De Bakke Santos Resort exclusively.

Call: 044 690 3760 


More information:

Campsite prices for 4 nights: 

  • R5400 for 6 people and 2 cars  – includes festival passes.
  • R7200 for 8 people and 3 cars –  includes festival passes.


Book your plot & PAY 25% DEPOSIT BY NO LATER THAN 31 JULY for 6 people, and you can add an additional 2 people to your plot free of charge! This includes festival passes too!



Call: 044 690 3760 

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